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About Me


The body beautiful is a perception long thought to be for only certain types of sizes, we conceive them as being pleasing, catchy and more than ever aspire to be them, alter our own lives to do so and at times fail at it as well.


Hi – my name is Dominique Lee (branded as DAHM), and my mission here is to negate that perception. I own myself, thus I am beautiful. Originally I entered the modeling scope to boost my confidence, to my surprise what I found was far from reality – I realized very soon there were others like me, on a larger scale there are other women out there who feel let down because of a silly world view


Well – to all those I can tell you from personal experience, it doesn’t matter what others think.


Being a plus size model comes with its own challenges – but if handled in the right way can be rewarding not only professionally but also can put you in a place right at the top.


Who you are and what you want is a matter entirely up to you, and I am living proof of the success you can have if you be yourself and assume confidence in your own vision. If anything my own personal journey has taught me to rely mostly on myself, create a self-image that transcends whatever unfair expectations others might have and once you’re there – redefine everything in your own image. 

Modeling and the runway can be a whole different world where you can feel right at home. 


Having worked with a number of independent designers, my aim is to work with a lot more to break barriers and hone in on my skills as well. I can be reached through my contact page. 

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