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About Me


My name is Dominique Lee, branded as DAHM, and I am on a mission to challenge the perception of beauty, which has long been limited to certain body sizes. As a model, I entered the industry to boost my confidence but discovered a larger issue – many women feel let down by societal standards. With a dedication to body positivity and inclusivity, I collaborate with renowned designers and brands, impacting the local industry.

Beyond the runway, I am passionate about professional development, career acceleration, and personal branding. Drawing from my own experiences, I coach and support aspiring models and individuals, offering workshops and seminars. Inspired by the resilience and ambition of others, I believe in embracing one's authentic self and striving to empower others to do the same.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, I am deeply connected to my community and aim to inspire the next generation of talents. My journey serves as an inspiration to break barriers and celebrate diversity. Whether it's booking me for modeling or seeking guidance, I aim to create a world that embraces uniqueness and empowers individuals.

Contact me today for booking information, model rates, and general inquiries.

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