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🎁 Finding Happiness in Gift Giving

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

I've never been the girl that was pressed for gifts. And that's not me bragging by a long shot! I had to learn how to gracefully receive and also ask for what I want/need. But when any of my people need a good gift idea they call me. I briefly wondered why and let it go.

Once love languages became mainstream knowledge, one language, in particular, stood out to me. Especially since it was at the bottom of my list. Receiving gifts is not my main love language, not even the second or the third. However, when I looked at the love languages I show to others, giving gifts came second to quality time. While there has been plenty of research on how receiving gifts c an endorse serotonin in your brain, giving gifts actually has a longer-lasting impression of happiness on those that not only receive but give as well.

There wasn't anything wrong with me. I wasn't damaged by years of crappy boyfriends that didn't know how to shop. I'm not a "low-maintenance girl" that doesn't need much. I just prefer love shown to me in other ways like a nice dinner out or marking something off my to-do list. I do, however, gain joy from seeing others glow at the gift I bought thanks to that thing they mentioned months ago and they didn't realize I was paying that much attention. It's not only gift-giving, it's an act of service based on quality time. So what makes MY gifts so great? Well, let me tell you!

I love giving gifts that are functional, cute, and preferably affordable. My model friends always receive something they can put in their model bags. Teenagers get smell-goods and body products because we all remember puberty very well. I listen to my closest friends and family all year round for a clue on something they may need around the house or themselves. This is why I created a list for the shoppers that have no idea what to get! Items are in price order so no matter what your budget, there is something on this list you can afford.

What kind of gifts do you like to give/receive? Let me know below in the comments! Have a happy holiday and enjoy shopping!

Splurging for that special someone this year? Get the full gift list on my shop page! If you would like to schedule a one-on-one gift consultation, contact me.

Who are you excited to see open their gift this year? Leave a comment 👇🏾

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Thank you for the cute gift ideas!!!!

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15 dic 2021
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You are so welcome!

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