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For Stylish Moms

Last month my good friend Alicia of My Underrated Beauty hosted a fabulous Mother's Relaxation Brunch and called me to host a styling portion. I packed my suitcase and gave the mamas a show!

Like any good home, business, or relationship, you have to have a good foundation. The ladies loved my choice of foundation which was a plain bodysuit that I layered for several occasions. Black is always a safe choice, but choosing colors you don't wear often will immediately elevate your outfit. Also, choosing foundation separates gives you the option to mix and match silhouettes.

In my reel, I emphasized the trend of clear shoes. They come in every size, height and fit for any occasion. My personal favorites are the pair I'm wearing in the video from Cape Robbin.

For the rest of the demonstration, I showed a casual look great for sports moms, a girl's night out look, and an edgy look.

  • For a casual look: Layer a denim jacket over your foundation. Add a cute sneaker like the Jack Purcell Converse I wore. For hot sunny days, top it off with a cute baseball hat.

  • For Girl's Night Out: A long, fuzzy cardigan is chic AND comfy! A signature belt will polish an otherwise relaxed look and a hat adds class to any fit.

  • For an edgy look: Simply layer a leather jacket with a boot and you're ready to ride! My harness fanny pack was a hit with this outfit.

For more layering and accessory ideas, check out my list "For Stylish Moms" on my Amazon store for foundation and add-on options for your new signature look! If you need a little extra help, book me for a virtual consultation!

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